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citizen involvement



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Project objectives / Project célja:

The main objective of our proposal is to present researchers from several aspects in order to get them closer to the general public and to encourage the youth, especially girls, to embark on scientific careers. We will apply a mission-oriented, impact-focused approach in our project in which interdisciplinary challenges, innovative solutions; researchers, their work and hobbies will be presented in an interactive, educating and entertaining way to stimulate the interest of citizens towards R&I, and to bring it closer to their expectations and concerns. The involvement of many different actors across various disciplines and sectors will achieve a high impact and make researchers’ work familiar to various age groups. Our main target group is students of age 6-26, but we aim to address all age groups with attractive programmes. The target audience can thus discover that both scholars and young innovators are amongst us and being a researcher is cool and creative. Our ambitious but realistic objective is to have at least 30000 visitors on our venues on the two-day event, but a multiple of that number (at least 1000000) will see, hear or read about the NIGHT. Our venues cover the whole country. As the result of the awareness raising campaign several organisations will join the NIGHT, the most important science communication event in Hungary, thus contributing to the multiplication of the number of visitors.